Your pipeline information in one glance.


Written by Ana Nelas

Last published at: August 23rd, 2019

The dashboard gives you an overview of your data. 

1. Go to the Attentive App (https://app.attentive.us/).

2. On the top right corner, access the drop-down menu (next to your username).

3. Select Dashboard.

4. Select the month and year you want to see information from. By default, the data presented is regarding last month (from day 1 to the last day of the month).

Besides compiling information on the last month's performance, on each section, it also compares it to the previous month, in a very visual way, so that you can detect any issues and start correcting them immediately.

The following sections are available: 

Pipeline Highlights

The graphic shows you an overview of the Total Deals Amount per User

You can also find the following metrics:

  • Total Deals Amount - Sum of all Active Deals (deals that are not on stages Closed Won or Closed Lost) amounts.
  • Average Deal Size - Total Deals Amount divided by the number of deals on the pipeline.
  • Win Probability - First, Attentive calculates each deal's weighted value (deal amount times the probability of closing). Then sums all deals weighted value (which gives you a forecast of your pipeline weighted value), divide it by the total deal's amount and finally multiply by 100 to get a percentage.

Attentive gives you a sales forecast for the current month, considering the Weighted Pipeline Value (each prospect opportunity on the pipeline is given a specific value, based on where they are in the buying process).

Sales Funnel

Your Sales Funnel is the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase. This gives you a quick run through the numbers - deals and conversion rate.

You can check the number of deals per stage, as well as the conversion rate percentage from one stage to the next.

The following metrics are also available:

  • Active Deals: deals that are not on stages Closed Won or Closed Lost.
  • Won Deals
  • Lost Deals
  • Closed Won Conversion Rate: the percentage of deals closed as won during the last month, considering the total Active Deals on your pipeline.

Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity is a formula that multiplies opportunities by deal value and win rate and then divides that number by the length of the sales cycle (in days). 

The graphic shows the revenue per day during the month, as well as the number of won deals per day (when hovering over the yellow dots).

The following metrics are available:

  • Number of Leads: the sum of all deals created during the month the report refers to.
  • Average Deal Size: the total amount of won deals divided by the number of closed won deals.
  • Closed Won Conversion Rate: total number of won deals divided by the number of active deals.
  • Average Sales Cycle Length: total number of days from Deal Creation to Closed Won (of all deals), divided by the number of deals on the pipeline.
  •  Average Revenue per Day: how much money you're making per day, according to the Sales Velocity formula.

Team Activity

Team Activity shows you an overview of key metrics, as well as who was the most productive team member of the month.

The graph shows the following metrics:

  • New Deals: the total of new deals created.
  • New Contacts: the total of new contacts created.
  • New Companies: the total of new companies created.
  • Calls / Meetings: the sum of the total number of calls and meetings done by the entire team last month.

Plus, you can also check:

  • Revenue: the total amount from won deals last month.
  • Most productive team member: the criteria to determine this are:
    1. If there is MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) data, this would be the team member who contributed the most to that amount.
    2. If there is no MRR data:
      1. It would be the team member who contributed with more deals to the team new deals quota;
      2. If the previous metric cannot be used, then it would be the team member with the largest number of activities (new contacts, new companies, and new calls + meetings).

Attentive Performance

Get a sense of your Data Quality and where there's room for improvement in your sales process.

The graphic shows the number of Actions Done and the number of empty custom fields (Missing Data).

You can also find the following metrics:

  • Missing Data: number of custom fields with no data.
  • Actions Done: number of actions done with Attentive to fill in missing data.
  • Engagement Rate: number of actions done with Attentive divided by the total number of actions open (times 100 to display a percentage).
  • Data Quality. To calculate this metric, there are several factors in play:
    • Percentage of Outdated Deals (deals without a Next Task)
    • Percentage of deals with No Amount
    • Percentage of deals without Win Probability
    • Percentage of Recurring Deals
    • Percentage of deals without Company

By considering these factors, Attentive gets the perception of how healthy your CRM is - how much of it is incomplete or missing information. 

Attentive enables you to trust your CRM as a reliable source of data, making sure nothing is left behind.