Get Started With Attentive

Start using Attentive right now!


Written by Ana Nelas

Last published at: December 2nd, 2019

First of all, welcome to Attentive! We're super excited to have you here. 

Get started

1. Go to

2. Click Register.

3. Enter your email and password. Don't forget to confirm the password and click Register.

4. You now have access to Attentive and you're on My Account page.

Next, let's connect Attentive to Slack. 

Connect your Slack Workspace

1. Go to My Account > Connections.

2. Click Connect next to the Slack logo.

3. You're redirected to a Slack authentication page. On the top right, select the Workspace you want to add Attentive to.

4. Click Allow.

5. That's it, you can now see that Slack is connected (My Account > Connections).

Almost there! Let's connect Salesforce. 

Connect your Salesforce account

1. Go to My Account > Connections.

2. Click Connect next to the Salesforce logo.

3. If you're not logged in to your Salesforce account, you'll be redirected to the Salesforce authentication page to login.

4. That's it, you can now see that Salesforce is connected (My Account > Connections).

Some questions you may have:

I can't connect to Salesforce

Probable Causes include: 

1. You don't have enough permissions to connect and use Attentive. Check with your Salesforce Admin.

2. Your organization doesn't have REST API enabled.

If you need help looking into this issue, talk to us!

I can't connect to Slack

To connect Attentive to Slack, you must be a Workspace Administrator. 

Alternatively, Slack has a very cool feature that allows Workspace Owners to enable certain members to add Apps to the workspace. Check Slack's help to learn more on how to activate this option.