Ensure your pipeline is always up to date, with minimum effort.


Written by Ana Nelas

Last published at: September 12th, 2019

Whenever there is information missing or incomplete in your CRM, an Action is generated by Attentive, so you can correct it quickly and without leaving Slack. 

What would usually take several minutes (that include opening the CRM, looking for the deal, filling in the field, and saving), can now be done in a matter of seconds.

To list all your pending actions:

1. On Slack, go to your Attentive assistant.

2. Type /att-actions and press Enter.

3. You can see how many actions pending you have and start solving them. There are several types of actions:

Amount: Enter the Amount (total deal value) and press Enter. The currency used is the one defined in your CRM. 

Company: Select a Company from the drop-down (you can start typing to filter results). You can also create a new company.

Close Date: Select the date you believe the deal is likely to be completed, using the date picker.

Next Task: Type a Subject (for example, Email John) and press Enter. Select the Due Date, using the date picker, and add the Time. To complete the new task creation, click Save.

Custom Actions: Any custom actions you've created in the Attentive App (Sales Management > Actions) will be added to the pending actions list. 

Tip: The kind of actions you receive depends on the actions' configuration in the Attentive App.

4. You can also Snooze any actions you don't want to tackle right now. 

And that's it! By keeping your Actions clean, you make sure your CRM is up to date and you can retrieve accurate and trustful information on your deals without leaving Slack.