Searching Salesforce

Opportunities, Leads, Tasks, Accounts and Contacts


Written by Ana Nelas

Last published at: October 24th, 2019

Attentive allows you to quickly search Salesforce for any kind of information. 

1. On Slack, go to the Attentive bot.

2. Type /att-search followed by the term you want to search and press Enter

Tip: Make sure you type at least three characters on your search term.

3. If the search returns results, they will be sorted by Salesforce Object:

4. Click the Object you want to drill down into. 

5. A list of the results is presented and you can view details on each result.

Note: If you're using Attentive's Free Plan, you'll only have access to the details of Opportunity results. Need more objects? Upgrade to a different plan