How It Works

How Attentive will boost your CRM


Written by Ana Nelas

Last published at: August 19th, 2019

Bring your CRM to Slack and give your team a great head start.

1. Connect Attentive to your CRM and Slack workspace

The first step is to get everything up and running. You must be a CRM and Slack workspace Admin to be able to connect these platforms to Attentive.

When you sign up or start your trial, there is a wizard that walks you through the entire process. 

2. Attentive analyzes your data, looking for improvement opportunities

Data Health consists of knowing how good is the information you have on your CRM. This includes detecting duplicate information, empty fields and deals that haven't been updated in a while. 

By analyzing your CRM data, Attentive is able to figure out what you can fix right away - for example, merge duplicate information - and suggest improvement opportunities - for example, make an extra effort together with your team to fill in a specific type of information.

3. Get customized and actionable recommendations

Communicating via Slack is super convenient (that's why your team is using it, among other reasons, right?). Attentive goes to where you are and our Slack bot shows you what needs to be fixed. 

Plus, you can do it right away, without even leaving the conversation. Insert missing data, edit deal stages and create deals and tasks without opening your CRM. 

Attentive is your proactive sales assistant. Automation is awesome, but we want to take you one step further. Simplify processes, reduce your team's effort and boost your CRM performance. All on Slack.