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    Pipeline Highlights

    Check the overall performance of your sales team.

    The Pipeline Highlights section is particularly useful for those seeking a quick overview of their pipeline, regarding last month's data.

    Besides compiling information on the last month's performance, it also compares it to the previous month, in a very visual way, so that you can detect any issues and start correcting them immediately.

    On the right, Attentive gives you a sales forecast for the current month, considering the Weighted Pipeline Value (each prospect opportunity on the pipeline is given a specific value, based on where they are in the buying process).

    On the left, you can find the following metrics:

    • Total Deals Amount - Sum of all Active Deals amounts.
    • Average Deal Size - Total Deals Amount divided by the number of deals on the pipeline.
    • Probability of Closing - First, Attentive calculates each deal's weighted value (deal amount times the probability of closing). Then sums all deals weighted value (which gives you a forecast of your pipeline weighted value), divide it by the total deal's amount and finally multiply by 100 to get a percentage.

    These metrics are related to the past month and compared with the month before.

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