Sales Cycle

How long is it taking your team to close deals?


Written by Ana Nelas

Last published at: October 15th, 2019

Your Sales Cycle comprises all the stages from the first contact to closing the deal. By having a quick snapshot of your Stale Deals and Average Response Time, you can take immediate action and get your team back on track!

On the right, Attentive shows you your Average Sales Cycle Length, as well as tips to improve it. We help you identify the stage where your deals are spending the most time in so that you can take action and make your sales process more efficient.

On the left, you can find the following metrics:

  • Stale Deals (on First Stage) - Deals that haven't moved on from the first stage for 2 weeks.
  • Average Days per Stage - Average amount of days your deals stay on the same stage.  
  • Average Response Time - Average amount of time it takes from the moment a deal is created to the first engagement.

These metrics are related to the past month and compared with the month before.