Team Activity

How well is your team doing?


Written by Ana Nelas

Last published at: June 4th, 2019

Your pipeline health is crucial, but knowing how your team is doing is extremely important as well. Team Activity shows you an overview of key metrics, as well as who was the most productive team member last month.

On the right, Attentive shows you who was the most productive team member. The criteria to determine this are:

  1. If there is MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) data, this would be the team member who contributed the most to that amount.
  2. If there is no MRR data:
    1. It would be the team member who contributed with more deals to the team new deals quota;
    2. If the previous metric cannot be used, then it would be the team member with the largest number of activities (new contacts, new companies, and new calls + meetings). 

On the left, you can find the following metrics:

  • Revenue - Total amount from won deals last month.
  • New Deals - Total of new deals created.
  • New Contacts - Total of new contacts created.
  • New Companies - Total of new companies created.
  • Calls / Meetings - Sum of the total number of calls and meetings done by the entire team last month.

These metrics are related to the past month and compared to the month before.